We are currently recruiting people to join our mentoring scheme for artists in recovery. If you are an established working artist in recovery and could donate 2-4 hours per month please get in contact with us. We support all our volunteers and staff by…


We are currently looking for research partners who will work with us to support our vision. Please contact Cassie Hogan if you are interested in collaborating. Also, if you are interested in the links between addiction and creativity please see our resources page.


Please check back soon for our recovery playlist. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions of great recovery tunes please drop us a line via


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We are always on the look out for supporters, fundraisers and volunteers. If you are interested in donating your time please drop a line with the following information; 1. A short introduction about yourself 2. A few lines about your interest or experience…


If you value our vision or want to support our current projects please consider offering our charity a donation. Every donation, no matter how small, helps us to achieve our goals. Thank you!

Trustees for Create Recovery which supports recovering addicts and those affected by addiction, to develop their creativity; either for therapeutic or professional/education purposes


TRUSTEES Brian and Caitilin have worked in the addiction field for over 30 years. Having previously run several successful treatment centres in Surrey they now act as two of our Trustees as well as consulting internationally. Their collective wisdom and kindness is greatly valued…