We offer a range of funding opportunities at Create Recovery for people affected by addiction. We currently have two grant schemes open, community and individual.

We conceptualise creativity broadly across the following domains: Visual arts, performance and theatre, crafts, music and dance, and creative writing/literature. However, we also welcome projects which do not fit neatly into traditional boxes or disciplines.


Please contact for further information and how to apply for a grant. If you are interested in Create Recovery running a workshop at your treatment centre please contact us on


  We have an individual grant and scholarship scheme of up to £500 which supports recovering individuals to fund creative courses or develop their practice. People can apply if they have a place on a creative short or degree course or have secured other…


  Our community grants are currently on hold. To date we have funded community workshops and courses, equipment for social enterprises and hope to fund group projects in the future which reduce stigma and promote well-being in the addiction field. Please contact Ali Hawkins…