At Create Recovery we support a number of music projects. We are particularly proud of a current community project lead by artist, Matthew Starritt. The end result of this project is the release of a compilation album of music written and recorded by artists in abstinence based recovery entitled Illuminate, in January 2019. The final track listing is as follows;

01. Turn The Other Cheek – Matthew Starritt  
02. Sobriety – Chris Difford 
03. Why Don’t You Try – Anna Tosh 
04. You Can – Hero Fisher
05. Looking Good – Dave Aird
06. Resolution Blues – Bullnose morris
07. Mama Tree – Lil King Cat
08. Eggshells (Acoustic) – Erika
09. My Father, The Sky – Ed Borrie
10. Place To Call My Home – Matthew Starritt

For further details please see the open letter written by Matthew below.

Matthew Starritt
Hello, my name is Matthew and I am the project lead on Illuminate. I was the recipient of a grant from Create Recovery in 2018. The initial grant was for me to produce an album of original songs by artists in abstinence based recovery. Having been in recovery myself for ten years, it is something that is very close to my heart, so I felt compelled to do it. My aim with this project is to help support artists and songwriters in recovery, and help them in their respective musical journeys and create further awareness and show people that it is possible to make amazing music in recovery.


I put the word out to the recovery community, and attracted a great deal of interest from artists, both new and more established. The album commenced recording in early June of this year at Empire studios in Guildford. 4 tracks were recorded at the studio, and one was done via a studio in Crystal Palace and my home studio in Surrey. I had never been in the producers chair before, and I absolutely loved it. I found the process thoroughly rewarding, healing and above all, extremely enjoyable.


Initially we had planned to do a five track EP, but due to the overwhelming support (and generous song donations from artists), we have been able to produce a ten track album. It is currently being mastered as I type and we are looking to release it late January 2019, in conjunction with a launch event in London. The album features an eclectic array of artists and songs ranging from rock, pop, punk and blues. I myself am one of the artists featured, which I’m very happy about. I have always played with other people, so to have the chance to release some solo material of my own is very special.


After a few months of wondering what to call the album, I decided on ‘Illuminate’. When I look back at the recording process and listen to the songs now, I always feel lit up, as I do when I think about my personal recovery journey. I want to share this energy with everyone around me, and I hope this album will shine a light on all the artists involved.

I feel there is often a stereotype that to create great music, artists need to use some kind of substance to enhance the creative process. Having worked as a professional musician for all of my recovery, I don’t believe this to be true at all, and I hope this album helps to quash that theory and inspire others who may be struggling. Every artist featured on this album is in abstinence based recovery.


It has truly been the most rewarding, enjoyable and creative experience of my whole musical career, and I am very grateful to have had this opportunity given to me. I can’t wait to share this wonderful album with the world.