We believe that creativity enhances wellbeing and long-term abstinence from addiction. We support recovering addicts and those affected by addiction, to develop their creativity; either for therapeutic or professional/education purposes. We offer community workshops, mentoring and funding schemes.

Our experience tells us that developing a life beyond addiction can be particularly challenging in the early years after entering recovery or leaving treatment. Loneliness, boredom, and low self-esteem can be significant barriers to creating the life that we want.  Create Recovery works to tackle these barriers by offering opportunities for creative development and the potential to be part of a supportive community of like-minded people.

Many in our community chose to re-train and forge new career paths as part of their process of recovery and our charity is specifically set up to support those who wish to enter the Creative Arts. But we also support recovering addicts from all walks of life to use creativity in less formal ways to enhance their sense of self and on-going recovery.


Our vision is to inspire, support and connect creative people in recovery.

We understand addiction to be a pervasive and destructive disorder and recognise the courage it takes to embrace change.

All too often we lose talented individuals to active addiction; we hope that Create Recovery can inspire and support those who are struggling to flourish and actualise their potential.

We will work to build a community that nurtures creativity but also understands struggles with addiction and fully supports abstinence based recovery.

We will also support high quality research into exploring the links between creativity and well-being, mental illness and addiction.